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Words Of Encouragement From An Inspirational Kid

Sometimes seeing a small child smile can be infectious. Their energy and love of life can be all it takes to put someone in the best of moods. Sometimes some simple words of encouragement stemming from the innocence of children can dramatically change our day. It can truly make a huge difference our lives. Why is this? Why do these motivational kids have such an awesome power to make us smile? What do they possess that brings joy into our lives with something so simple as a few innocent words? The answer to this questions is found in their innocence.  They have not been jaded by the worlds negativity. They haven’t been told that the impossible remains impossible. They have not endured year after year of negative thoughts from others who tell us we can’t and make us believe it is so.

To a child the world is still exciting, fresh, and new. They still believe in princesses, fairies, and other magical entities which keep them inquisitive an eager to see more. It is not until they learn cynicism and negativity that they begin to display it in their daily lives.  This learned behavior is the start of the loss of innocence that has at some point taken place in the lives of us all. We all come out of the womb without any preconceived notions about the world. We all come out with a clean slate eager to soak the world around us in. We are curious. We have no fear. We want to see, touch, and smell everything that is put in front of us. We are hell bent to taken on the world and do it with excitement, drive, and courage.

So why do we take this gift away from one another? Why do we insist on exposing our children to our negative points of view? The only answer to this question is ignorance. We can’t actually know what we are doing or how detrimental our actions are to the well being of our children’s vigor for life or we wouldn’t do it. Right? We wouldn’t purposely put doubt into our children’s heads that will someday manifest as a strong desire to hide from the world. The lesson to be learned is to tell our children that they can. They can do, be, or become anything that they desire with hard work and a definite of purpose. These are the words of encouragement we should say to our children.